Monday, October 22, 2012

The Lord Made The Bees and The Bees Made the Honey

Well The lord made the bees and the bees made the honey. So Deena and I have been bee keepers this year, and our hive has really been thriving! usually in your first year you wont be able to keep any honey because the bees will need it all for the winter. however ours have been doing really good and collected enough. so this quart jar you see in the pictures is from that one tray in the background. we have maybe 4 more trays we can  use. we are pretty excited! it is really good! i am not sure why but most of you werent aware that we were keeping bees. but this is my announcement and result. next year we should be getting buckets...literally buckets of honey! there is more to bee keeping than i originally thought, yet they are the easiest animals we have for sure! and I didnt get one bee sting! neither did Deena.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ok, all our hardwork just got harder....I am sure there is a grammatical error there somewhere.....anyways our goats (all there of them ) have given birth... And believe me there is a reason goat babies are called kids!! They are soo flippin cute... We have 4 boys and 4 girls, we would have had 5 boys but one didn't make it.... Enjoy the pictures

Saturday, June 16, 2012

She's number 1

So, Sammy has been playing softball this year. She has Become pretty good, and really enjoys it.. ( she invites everybody, and I mean even random strangers to come to her games) first game of the season, she struck out ecg time at bat. She would hang her headand walk back to the dugout. I felt bad, next game grandpa and grandma were there and she hit a home run! Everybody was telling her to stop on the bases, but she just kept running, and they couldn't catch her...only home run in the entire league all year. I started working with her on her batting. The next game she hit every time up! Her coach said to me that she has something you can't teach, I said what is that, he said she swings the bat fast and hard. She does, another parent told me she swings like she is angry, she does. I think she only struck out once in the next 15 or so at bats, she hits the ball very hard. She has been playing 3rd base, because she can throw so hard. Its been a lot of fun to go to her games. So at the end of the season they had a little single elimination playoff to determine a champion. Sammy team was dead last in the standings, Sammy hit most of her balls all the way to the grass, and in 9 year old girls softball, that is a mile, she was crushing them! They won that game and moved on. They won the next game and moved to the championship game and they won that! The games in a row! Sammy hit everytime up and they were crushed out of the infield.  Her teamwon the championship! They didn't give Ann award for this but all the parents thought she was the most valuable player! Its been great for her confidence.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I have been meaning to do this for a while. At my grandpa Warners funeral celebration of life, one of his friends told a story about him involving the indians. Now anytime there is a story involving my relatives with native americans, i am very interested. We have stories in my family involving my great grandpa Callister, and his uncles Jody Lyman, and DeAlton Lyman. Here is what i remember from the story of my grandpa Warner. as a young boy the indians would sometimes come to Richfield (for reasons unknown until my research) and the chief of the group was named Chief Crockett. these youngsters were interested in the indians when they came to town and would go and get a look at them. as i remember they had to cross a canal or something to get to where the indians would stay or meet. my Grandpa (described by his friend as a stocky well built boy) would not risk crossing the canal and would stand there watching. his friend (who would cross the canal) would speak with the indians sometimes and Chief Crockett asked him about my grandpa who never came over but just stood there looking on. He said Chief Crockett called my grandpa "Monument". this implies to me that cheif crockett had seen this occurance on more than one occasion to warrant the moniker. it is a pretty neat story, and my research made it a little more interesting as well. I wrote chief Crocketts name down after hearing that story because both mom and I were interested in chronicling this story. I tried so many ways to look up chief crockett. there is a list of chiefs for recognized native american groups kept by the US Government. but i could not find any info on a Chief Crockett at about the time when my grandpa would have been a young boy. ( i didnt even know what group of native americans were in the area). i kicked around for a while and found a list of indian groups from utah. In the Richfield area the indians were the Piutes. that made sense, also i found out that there is a Piute band recognized in the US government called the Koosharem Piute band. this band was recognized ever since the first chief known for the group....Chief Kanosh! so i looked up a pedigree chart for chief Kanosh and he had a grandson who became chief named ....Crockett...chief Crockett is literally Crockett Kanosh. in his childhood he probably would have known a Pres. Callister .... another piece of history i found was that in 1922 the Koosharem Piute band moved their official headquarters to ... Richfield Utah! so it makes sense that they would be in Richfield so often! then in my search i actually found a picture of Chief Kanosh the man who named my grandpa "Monument"`

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hannah got a boo boo

Ok, so Hannah can be really cute, bless her for having that quality because other times you just want to push her off of chair or something. That is what bfs (best friend sister) Abby decided to do when she had enough of Hannah for the morning.....the result was she broke her hand. we didn't know until the next day when it was swollen pretty bad and she was just miserable. so she will be in this cast for the next 4 weeks!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hannah is ONE !

Alright it has been a looooong time since i have done anything with my blog. i would like to think it has something to do with the 'time' of life i am in right now. We don't take pictures (we can never find the camera), i cant sit and write anything (little girls constantly tugging at me and screaming, and needing fathering), there never seems to be any 'free' time, and when there is, i want to read my book! i am beginning to understand why there are soo many baby pictures and just pictures in general of me, and a relatively few in comparison of Deborah. we have oodles of pictures of Caleb, and Hannah is severely lacking. We know this, and yet it doesn't change for the above reasons. she does cute things all the time and we say "sheesh we really should get this on film or video" it doesnt happen. i need Becky at my house for a couple of years to capture these moments for us and write cute things about them. (i think she is the best writer i have ever read.....and i read lots!) soo, where am i going with all this? Hannah, just turned one! i actually have a couple of pictures of the event, and need to share with everyone just what a fun girl she is turning out to be. the first few months...alright until just recently, she wouldn't cuddle...always squirmy and not content.. she screamed ( more like a screech at just the decibel that makes my fatherly impulse to hold her turn to the 'i should probably just end this now and worry about consequences later' mode). she was a constant and by that i mean CONSTANT spitter-uper. now however she is a little more cuddly, doesn't screech as much and aside from the 6 poopies every day is generally quite fun and cute! i think that since she has been walking the last 2 months she has exercises a lot of her 'energy' out. Of course as i am writing this she is screaming bloody murder in the bath tub with Abby.....but things are great, we love her!! happy birthday -H

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jacob 32

So Jacob Lathel Callister has achieved another notch on his belt. another completion in his yearbook of life. Quite a man now, had the privilege of doing the Hole in The Rock with him this year and Andrew and Caleb sure enjoyed his presence...(they still talk about his inspiring and statuesque entry in to Lake Powell at the bottom of the trail. ) you will have to ask him about is fun to see the father he is becoming and is, cute kids and i am sure a handful, but he has or will learn patience, and be an even better man for it. kids certainly have a way of trying what little patience you have, and as your patience increases, so do their abilities to test it!! i hope that your birthday was and is everything it deserves to be and know that a little family in Kaysville is thinking of you and wishing uncle Jacob the best! P.S.. Caleb and Andrew really want to play spin the bottle again and have some good ideas of things to do if it lands on you!